Important Notification !

Dear customers:

Almost internet provider in Thailand will do network maintaince work during 2007-11-07~2007-11-11 (+GMT 07:00 Thailand local time) .

We (Hsu Lin Technology) will do hosting network maintaince work during nearly those provider maintaince time,cause to let customers' website ,program website, mail server ... can work as well for losing lessness cost while working via the internet work.

We will do network maintaince work since from 2007-11-08 17:00 to 2007-11-13 24:00 (+GMT 07:00 Thailand local time) .

Please keep your eye on this attention :

1.Regarding your website:

Your website will still work during the maintaince work, but it might be display some error message sometimes ,you do not have to worry about this session, it will back to work properly when the maintaince work is completed.


Regarding your emails (receive / send):

You still can receive / send emails during the network maintaince work. But we do strongly recommand that you download your emails from mail server, and please DO NOT keep your emails in the mail server (webmail). It could be lost if you keep emails in the mail server.

What's the different after the network maintaince work ?

  • Your webiste will work properly as before.
  • But the way of receiving / sending emails will be change to the new way as below:
    • The upgraded service will provide you three programs of webmail. You can shoose any one as you want to use.(after you login to the mail server , then you will see the three webmail programs)
    • Your webmail address will be changed to http://www.your_domain_name/webmail (ex:
    • You have to use your full email address replace the login name to login into your mail server .(ex:
    • If you can not login with the old password , please try 12345678 to login again, and go to change the password if you want.
    • The setting for using Outlook or Outlook Express program to receive / send emails as below:
      POP3¡]incoming server¡^: mail.your_domain_name (ex:
      SMTP¡]outgoing server) : mail.your_domain_name (ex:
  • The control panel will like : http://www.your_doamin_name/cpanel
    (login name and password didn't change)
    FTP URL: ftp://ftp.your_domain_name
    And please upload your website's data into "public_html" folder if you make it by yourself.
  • Our Name Server are as below ( if you have more site would like to host with us):

How to know if your site had upgraded completely ?

Please follow the steps for check it:

Press¡§Start¡§¡÷Run¡÷type in¡§cmd¡§¡÷press¡§Enter¡§¡÷it will open the Dos command mode window.
type "Ping your_domain_name¡§¡÷press¡§Enter¡§,if it reply as IP address¡]like the image below¡^
It does mean that your site was upgraded completely.

We do sorry if it make you any inconvenient.

If you have any question , please feel free to contact us with

With best regards,
Hsu Lin Technology